Skin Hydration

Helps keep the moisture back to the skin

Without nanoeTM

After 30 minutes

Moistures escape from the skin and let it become dry and dull.

With nanoeTM

After 30 minutes

nanoeTM attached on the sebum & form membrances on the skin to prevent the loss of moistures.

After 28 days

Cracks occur and keratin pieces peel off from the skin

After 28 days

Skin is hydrated that improves the keratin texture and keeps the skin fresh and moisturized.

Anti-virus / bacteria

Inhibit 99.9% viruses (H1N1) and (H5N1)
99.99% bacteria (E. Coli O157, MRSA)

Influenza Virus (H1N1, H5N1) 99.9% inhibited

Escherichia Coli (E. coil O157, MRSA) 99.99% inhibited

Surround virus and bacteria

Inhibit virus and bacteria

After 4 hours (6 hours for Swine-origin Influence A)


Reduce 90% odor (tobacco smell) after 30 minutes.

The smell adhered at curtain and sofa are deodorized

The deodorization effect will vary subject to the surrounding environment (temperature / humidity), operation time, types of smell and tissue.

Strike odor particles

Decompose & remove odor

Deodorization Effect For Adhering Odor (Tobacco)

Odor intensity 1 level down Odor intensity drop by 1 level means 90% is reduced
Anti-bacteria Enzyme prevents the reproduction of
bacteria and molds in order to ensure clean environment.



Cell Wall

Enzyme works on the cell wall

Enzyme eliminates the bacterium

nanoeTM wrapped in
water molecule

A nanoeTM is a fine (5 to 20 nm) and weakly acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.

nanoeTM is water-wrapped capsule with plentiful OH radicals.

Its effectiveness of bacteria removal#1 depends on the number of OH radical#2, which is generated at the rate of 480 billion per second.

OH radical possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens. Therefore, the more the OH radical, the higher the effectiveness of the anti-virus power.

nanoeTM captures the Virus

OH radical takes away
hydrogen (H) from virus

The radical turns into water
to inhibit the virus

Usually, various types of pollutants appear at different positions between the ceiling and the floor in the room. In response, the 3D circulation airflow is divided into two mode - “Upward Airflow” and “Front Airflow” to remove pollutants accordingly.


Gasous Pollutants

  • Cooking Odor
  • Waste Odor
  • Pet Odor
  • Body Odor
  • Cigarette Odor
  • Mold Odor

30cm near
the floor

Pollutants over 2µm

  • Pollen / Dust
  • Dust Mites / Pet Dandruff

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